"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." - Isaac Newton, 1675

About Us

The director of CiteBomb is a teacher librarian who has worked in both primary and secondary schools and having experimented with multiple online citation and bibliography tools decided that all had too many limitations. Thus we decided to develop CiteBomb to assist researchers in the inclusion of inline citation and bibliography in their work. In the first instance we have concentrated on delivering a platform specifically for those preparing assignments in Google Docs but we intend to develop beyond this if a demand becomes apparent. The target users for CiteBomb are educational institutions who frequently use Google Docs as their students prepare academic papers and encourage their students to demonstrate information fluency and academic honesty by recognising the sources of their information. The CiteBomb platform provides a web interface where researchers can record research sources and provides the facility for these sources to be allocated to project folders of their own making. CiteBomb also allows researchers to collaborate by sharing project folder with fellow students and their instructors. Then using a Chrome Extension these sources can dropped into a Google Doc to provide inline citation and bibliography in their chosen citation style. We take privacy seriously and never share user contact information. For detail please see our Privacy Statement.

Institutional Plans

Tier 50

USD 100.00 / year

(50) Users


Tier 100

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Tier 300

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Tier 1000

USD 600.00 / year

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Tier 2000

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Tier 5000

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Individual Plan


USD 20.00 / year

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